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Rent To Own Contract Payment Calculator

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How to manually calculate your monthly payments with Platinum Rental:

2 Years – Divide total by 17
3 Years – Divide total by 21.6
4 Years – Divide total by 24
5 Years – Divide total by 26
6 Years – Divide total by 30
7 Years – Divide total by 32
(must be over 15k for 7 years)

   0 – 10k – 1 Payments Down
10k – 20k – 2 Payments Down
20k – 30k – 3 Payments Down

NOTE: We are able to do RTO on any amount
up to 30k Except Hunting Blinds.

We are also offering a monthly payment option through Hearth. Feel free to fill out the payment calculator for that financing option as well.

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